The main results of the include:

  • “Industry 4.0 in teaching low-skilled adults” as m-learning courses for Andragogs
  • Video guidance for Andragogs: “How to implement Industry 4.0 in teaching low-skilled adults effectively?

Within the outputs, the project Consortium concentrates on the following concepts of Industry 4.0, identified to be the most interesting for the target audience:

  1. Internet of things, in the context of pedagogical use in adult teaching.
  2. Additive manufacturing, as an object of adult didactics.
  3. Augmented reality, as a real alternative to analogue didactic materials.
  4. Robotics, which does not have to be difficult.
  5. Cybersecurity, as basic necessity of every learning process.
  6. Cloud computing, as the future for managing and storing data.
  7. Artificial Intelligence, which can gear up education and future prospects.